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Computer repair services in Newcastle

At Newcastle Computer Services we provide screen replacements, overheating solutions, charging issues solutions, keyboard replacements and clean-up & optimisation services.

You can arrange to drop off your device at The Town Hall Business Centre on Wallsend High Street, NE28 7AT, where our friendly team will note down your details and take your device for our repair services. Our turnover time is typically 1 business day, after which, we'll get in touch with you with a price.

Our standard repair charge is £60 which covers:

• Operating system re-install
• Boot problems fixed
• Network connectivity issues resolved
• CMOS battery replacement & fans cleaned
• And much more!

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Laptop repair services

Some of our computer laptop repairs services include:

Screen replacement of damaged or dim laptop screens

Laptop DC power socket replacement / repair


Power/charging issues

Keyboard/mouse track replacement

Cleanup and optimisation

Virus/malware/scamware/ransomware removal and prevention

Internet security

Operating system upgrade/repair

Memory/hard drive upgrades

Data recovery from broken computers, hard drives and network drives, USB drives, CD's and floppy disks. We always try our very best to recover your data, but there is no charge should we not succeed

Windows malfunctions (blue screen errors) and any other software problems

Desktop repair services

Some of our desktop computer services include:
Memory/hard drive upgrades and repairs
Graphics problems fixed
Operating system upgrade/repair
Motherboard diagnostics/replacement and repairs
Cleanup & optimisation
Virus/malware/scamware, ransomware removal
Internet security
Data Recovery


Gadget repair

Some of our device repair services include:
iPhone screen replacement
Tablet screen replacement
Phone and tablet battery replacement
Data backup and retrieval
Operating system repair
XBOX red light error repair

Hardware upgrades

Without the loss of your valuable data, we’ll be able to take your device to the next level with a hard drive or memory upgrade. With the correct hardware installed, even older machines can achieve great performances. So get in touch with us today to have your desktop or laptop operating faster than ever.

Some of our upgrade services include:

  • Operating system upgrade (we only provide genuine licences)

  • Memory upgrade - get more gigabytes!

  • Hard drive upgrade = lightning fast system

  • Processor upgrades - (not all machines are upgradable)

  • Graphics card upgrade (desktop only)

  • USB 3.0 sockets (desktop only)

    At Newcastle Computer Services, our laptop repair services will ensure that your laptop is fixed and returned to your hands in a timely manner. For more details, give us a call on 0191 263 3120 or 07960 960619.